About Me!

1.50 Pizza Breakfast
Hey! My name is Samm.

I made ARise-to-Trash because I want to reinvent the idea of obsolescence.
I want to embrace ‘trashy culture’ as a lifestyle choice.

Making the re-use of  trash an elegant, stylish and respectable idea.

Born and raised a ‘Kensington Kid’ with a slightly punk philosophical opinion on the world,  growing up in Toronto has made me aware that the over-production of throw away items only brings more trouble to our earth and the people on it. Material takes time, water, fuel and energy, not only in breaking down but during it’s producing and shipping stages! That makes Samm sad.

What if we were to make new -useful- things with the old? What if the ugly could become beautiful art works? Hopefully this blog will inspire a more conscious idea of materials and their multiple uses after they are thought to be no longer “usable”.




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