_____________ are good Hypnotists.

A College Humor vidya that sheds some light on social programming through various adverting schemes.

It’s incredible how often we believe things to be true, or believe them to be necessary in th e ‘grand path’ that is life.

Why do we THINK we have to do certain things?

  • Buy Engagement Rings                                                   [ claiming ownership over the person you love?!?]
  • Be Beautiful                                                                    [the socially acceptable kind]
  • Complete University/College                                        [ how to be successful]
  • Have Money                                                                    [ = Happiness]
  • Be in a Relationship                                                       [to feel wanted/loved/less lonely]
  • Own as many Apple™ products as possible               [GO AHEAD FIGHT ME ON THIS]
  • Diet for Bikini Season
  • Be Thin/Fit                                                                       [ not how you look, it’s how you feel!]
  • Purchase new school supplies EVERY SEPTEMBER     [ Why should I get more?]
  • Change your wardrobe every season
  • Hairless Women                                                              [ So what if my pits are hairy!]
  • Buying Christmas/Valentines Day gifts                          [Are hand-made gifts not as worthy?]
  • Cadbury Mini Eggs for Easter
  • Change your Facebook status when you are “In a Relationship”
  • Make Bitstrip
  • Smoking Cigarettes                                                       [to be cool/manly/empowered]

& THE LIST GOES ON!                  as if these are entirely rational ideas…

But the truth is that they are not rational ideas.

What we should do vs. the freedom of what we can do  are entirely different from one another.

This video is awesome because College Humor has a wide audience that may otherwise never become aware of the true reason behind their actions. Whether or not this example is true (although I find it very hard to believe it is not) what this video does is shed light on the truths and motives behind advertisements.

Coming from a foundation of various media perspectives [Graphic Design, Media Studies, Philosophy and Feminism]… I am aware of how easily manipulable the human psyche is.

One defensive tactic that everyone should have in their cognitive arsenal is the ability to ask questions

HOW  DO I FEEL?                                                    WHOSE IDEA IS IT?

WHY DO I FEEL THIS WAY?                                     WHAT AM I SUPPORTING?

System of a Down would say “FREE THINKERS ARE DANGEROUS
Words I try to live by… and some comedic relief



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