`Selling Art~~

Its official.

I sold my first piece of artwork today!
The best part about it???

It was my most favourite painting I did all year at SOVA!

‘Bathroom Wall Raven &the Broken Helicopter’  is a painting I did as tribute to the horrible paint job in the bathroom at my old apartment.

I kept seeing a raven and a mysterious critter…  I felt a bond with them.
They were paint stained spirit creatures.

Paint Stains.

Just like MUFASA!

When I was a kid, I saw him in the wood grains on my grandma’s wooden door.  :]
Don’t call me crazy! Call me imaginative.

I had a blank canvas and without thinking too hard, started spray painting the background…. I had no idea about how I was going to paint the creatures in, but I just went with how they made me feel.

I used spray paint, modelling paste and acrylic… spatulas, Barbie legs and damaged brushes.

Recycling objects into painting tools.

Once I got the basic shapes out, a narrative started to speak itself.

I went through my “big ol’ bag o’ inspiration” and pulled out this RC helicopter that I found weeks before at the free store.

`~~~~~  I LOOOVVVEEE breaking things apart! ~~~~~~~~`

So I started unscrewing, snapping, breaking and burning pieces until I figured out where the they needed to be on my painting.

Closeup1 Closeup2


↑ Here’s some detail.

Screws, tin solder, plastic and even a safety-pin were all placed specifically… it took me forever to figure out where they needed to be.

When I use found objects, they remind me that everything has a story.

∴  The way many people live, it is easy to reject, toss away or forget about the things we own[ed]. We are so disconnected from the creation of the objects that their existence is fleeting. Their significance is decided upon when we find it most beneficial.  It is so hard to consider the implications of the objects.

The helicopter is just a remote-controlled toy, yes.
BUT  it took incredible invention, craftsmanship, resourcefulness, and technology to create it.
The same goes for every other ‘thing’ you or I own.  ∴

This painting holds its own dialogue for me. You may think otherwise.

That’s my favourite part about making art.  :]
Hearing different perspectives about the art. Seeing different elements grip different people.
Having people tell me what they see in my weirdo-abstract-expressionistic-artwork.

I hope this isn’t the only painting I ever sell.

i was happy making it, less happy giving it away. Even happier when I realized somebody liked it as much as I do.

Any surface can be used as a palette. This CD case lasted me for 4 paintings.

Any surface can be used as a palette.


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