Confession|0bsessions ———> Panoramic Photography

First let me say;

I solemnly swear to the curvaceous Blackberry Gods of Waterloo, Ontario that
I will forever remain true to my Canadian Cellphone Creator.

I admit, I have sinned.
I am enamoured by the iPhone’s ability to create panoramic photographs.

The simplicity. The user-friendliness. The ability to see all angles of the world in a
SINGLE PH0T0GRAPH! …to capture time and space moving as one. It’s magik.


During my good friend -and wicked artist’s- visit to Dawson I discovered something truly great.

Cassaundra allowed me to flood her iPhone with hundreds of panoramic photographs — Thx! :}

and before you say anything.

NO, I do not live under a rock!

I just never got to use iPhone cameras in this ingenious way I newly discovered….


⌊ As I like to call them, are pixellated glimpses into the physical world by means of scanning life        .as it happens.


++ My new favourite way of taking a photograph.

You see people for who they truly are.

The mask of time is thrown away and you are able to view reality in a frame-by-frame series that is ALL COMBINED INTO ONE GL0RI0US IMAGE!!!!

— I admit, this is a growing obsession.  I took well over 100 PANOs while Cassaundra was here.

Now I’m begging demanding other iPhone-wielding friends to allow me the pleasure of PANOing on their device. In exchange, they get some pretty cool pictures.

Reflecting on this new obsession, I ask myself… what have I become?





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