Undeveloped Film Project -Essential in Understanding our Histories

I just watched this mini-doc on Kam70‘s blog.  It’s about The Rescued Film Project and the discovery/processing of 31 rolls of film.  Its not just ANY film. These photos were taken by an American WWII soldier 70+ years ago!

The project itself is crucial. In attaining a complete understanding of our history as humans, we can understand things from a deeper perspective. Somebody’s voice speaks through the images. They capture glimpses into a world so removed from our own.  The fact that this man is saving old film and developing it is SO important to attaining a better understanding of our roots and the construction of values we have today.

∴ Film is vital •

It shouldn’t something written off, nor should it become obsolete. It is too precious.The physicality of an image is something that can never be reproduced once it’s availability goes away.  I don’t want to stop using film! I get so excited taking a photo, and waiting to print the image. Forgetting the experience I had when I took the photo and then being thrown back into a memory once I get the images developed. Imagine if we could never do that again?

How anti-climactic is it when you snap a digital camera and your image pops-up right when you are finished taking the picture? Its as if you are instantaneously reliving a part of your past. To me, this is nowhere near as special as forgetting about the images on a camera for a few months and then flipping through the developed images.

There’s something about touching a photo that’s much more significant to me than seeing it on a screen. Call me an old soul, call me a weirdo. I just can’t connect to things on screens the way I can with things in this REAL, BEAUTIFUL, VIVID, SPONTANEOUS, TERRIFYING & TRANSFORMATIVE life.

Film has multiple uses. If it doesn’t develop, or becomes exposed you don’t need to throw it away. You can paint on it, sew it together to make something -anything!- or you can use it as decorations for that pre-2000s throwback look everybody loves so much. Haha, just a few ideas :] Give me a sketchbook and a pen. I’ll fill a page with more possibilities.


Can you think of/find/discover some creative ways to use film?

How do you feel about film cameras and developed photographs?

Do you think that globally increasing digitization of the world around us is a positive thing?


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