SO OLD THERE’S NO WEBCAM –Environmentally Friendly Computing at its Finest.

I have successfully acquired a Laptop without having to support APPLE!

& get this: ITS NOT A PC.

PowerBook_G4_17 I spent 1/20th of the price I would have spent if I had bought a brand new MacBook Pro. Great for my pocket. :}

I am happily supporting Toronto’s local economy by giving my money to a small business and am supporting a local artist by buying her old computer.
Not to mention saving a perfectly good piece of technology from the Landfills.

Oh! This makes my heart soar! The anti-consumer inside me lives another day.
I don’t have to support a company with what I consider to be good-quality hardware, but b-a-d morality. Arisetotrash’s eco-karma has not been tainted by digital necessity.

— before you say anything.

I KNOW this is a REALLY old laptop. Like SO OLD IT DOESN’T HAVE A WEBCAM

I really don’t need to take photos of myself. The only downside is not being able to Skype my love.

There’s a fix for that little issue… I’m going all out with this laptop. I found an old webcam collecting dust in my sisters’ room. If I can manage to hook it up, I’ll be giving a second piece of technology another chance at living a fulfilling life!

Who would think I’d have such a severe digital throw back? Not I!

There was a time when I cared about the newest tech. In the end though, that stuff isn’t very important.

Apple has totally dropped updates and the support for old, perfectly good technology. Their only motive is to convince customers that the technology is too outdated and they must UPGRADE TO THE NEWEST, MOST EXPENSIVE ______________.

think about it. this is essential.

Perhaps not for my quality of life (finding compatible browsers has been difficult), but for the Future People, and even the Future Samm. It’s really not all that bad being out-dated.

I feel like I’m living in the past and I mean it in the best way possible.

I’m prolonging the total emergence into the technoworld of instant gratification and global updates…

I don’t own a very smart phone and my music player is an iPod nano 4th gen.
I don’t want to upgrade my things until they actually stop working. Then, I feel they served a good purpose. What good is an object spent hidden away in your desk or in a garbage dump? Working fine, but we’ve been told it’s useless.

Time, carbon, water, man (and child) power spent mining for coltan, all the various forms of energy it took to make that electronic you hold so dear. Know where it comes from and use it accordingly.

Congolese miners dig at a gold mine in Montgbawalu

xx Arisetotrash .


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