Fracking our lives away.

Gasland 2 is the sequel to an American documentary that focuses on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and what happens to regular people because of the gas industries we support everyday. If you drive a car, heat your home, own a cellphone OR eat food that doesn’t come from your backyard WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY.

Do you know there are places in America that don’t have any clean water because of fracking?
Kids who can’t swim or play in ponds near their home because of the chemicals irresponsibly released into their water supply?

Dimock, Pennsylvania’s water is flammable because of improper disposal of waste water from drilling. There is gasoline and methane in their drinking water!

Flaming hoses… in Texas, too!

Fracking in the neighborhood doesn’t just manifest itself in water. Chemicals blowing in the wind can cause health problems like nose bleeds, asthma, lightheadedness, rashes, miscarriages, neurotoxins, lungs filled with chemicals (hydrochloric acid, benzene etc.), leukemia and other cancers, fainting dogs, dead small animals, to name a few.
Earthquakes, due to the drilling are popping up all over the states. Places in Arkansas are receiving earthquakes almost everyday. It ranges from numerous little tremors to +4 on the Richter scale. This causes tremendous damages to buildings and specifically, war veterans suffering from PTSD.

In my mind, this is cause and effect.
We do something to Earth Mother and she can do nothing but react. When we push apart her insides, something (other than oil) will erupt.

I stopped wondering why tsunamis, flash floods and freak storms happen. It makes sense to me now.
All this earth-raping we’re doing is causing something, somewhere to happen –what some would call a butterfly effect.
I apologize for being graphic, but I feel that it is the best way to describe what we are doing to Earth.

There is only one planet and we’re stuck here. Why are we not giving it the respect and love it deserves?

Earth can give us Renewable Energy Sources:

  • Concentrated Solar Power
  • Wind
  • Geothermal Power
  • Hydroelectric Power
  • Tidal Power
  • Wave Power

Why aren’t we using more of these methods?
Studies on powering the whole world with renewable energy sources have promising discoveries. The cool thing about wind power is that there is enough wind in certain places (especially the southern hemisphere) that it could power the world for days! Mix this with Solar and Hydroelectric power to fill in for windless days, we can globally match supply and demand WITHOUT HYDRAULIC FRACTURING!

“[…] there is no need to drill for gas, for coal, for oil. We have sufficient resources that are clean [and] renewable. Natural gas is not necessary for solving this problem.”Mark Z. Jacobson. Atmosphere/Energy Program, Stanford University

There are people who work everyday on finding cleaner, earth friendly alternatives. It’s just that these corporations hold too much monetary power. They can coerce governments into passing bills and essentially keeping their mouth’s shut about the threats posed to the environment/individuals. AHEM, HARPER.
[Speaking of which, learn about THE YUKON’S PEEL WATERSHED and why it’s essential we protect it from fracking]

So what can we do to stop the gas, coal and oil industry from fracking up our quality of life?
Get creative! Think of ways you and/or your community can educate others.
Start Discussions! Share what you’ve learned and how you feel.


Maybe you can write a song better than this one. Challenge accepted?

**Driving across Canada shows you how much drilling we are doing, too. Alberta is full of oil rigs.


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