*UPDATE* Toronto Hydroburgers

Results weren’t ideal for Toronto’s Hydro customers or environmental advocates.

18 out of 45 City Councillors voted in favour of ‘POLLUTER PAYS’

This would have gained the city of Toronto $1.6 million by charging hydro companies for their pollution instead of giving them discounts and allowing pollution fees to be passed down to hydro customers.

22 Councillors including the Mayor voted against full cost recovery.

They decided to allow corporate polluters to get discounts on the clean up costs associated with water treatment. This means hydro customers are still paying  double for clean up fees.

See how your Councillor voted:


Interesting how BOTH burger brains voted against making corporations pay money to the City. Notice Rob Ford’s conflict of interest …

Wait a second! Why are we paying double??
– City of Toronto is cleaning polluted water created by hydro companies because it is cheaper for the hydro company than paying to clean it themselves. We pay the clean up fees paid to the City of Toronto (which are added to Hydro bills) and are paying for the city to clean it up through our tax money.

Hydroburgers so nice we have to pay twice!

The original post about Toronto’s $1.6 Million Loss
Learn more: Polluters Should Pay & How Your Councillor Voted 
[image edited from tea.org]



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