Now arriving @ Procrastination Station

The 100in1day Swap/Drop was such a success that I had requests for another to happen soon, so keep your eyes peeled!
I spoke with so many great people and learned about things like Irwin Allen’s films, perspectives on globalized labor markets and how to make your own scavenger hunt with painted pine cones. It was a special day and I’m so thankful to the volunteers (Phoebe, Quentin, Reuben, Cassaundra) who helped make it happen.

Join the Facebook Group if you’d like to stay updated/volunteer: Swap/Drop

I am now officially enrolled in University! I will be taking Indigenous Environmental Studies, Political Studies, Philosophy and a language course in September. Excited!
Getting everything together, applying for scholarships and trying to scrounge for $$ (still unemployed) is a huge task…. so that part is a bit scary. Plus, I am a first generation student. I know I will kick @$$ regardless.

The articles I wrote about KAIROS and the Truth and Reconcilliation Commission are just two of many more that I’d like to finish writing. I am trying to be as understanding and equitable as possible and do not wish to insult anybody accidentally. For that reason, I am taking my time writing and making sure I can confidently publish what I write.

Along with ALL THAT I have a mini-unpaid-job that is kind of strange, but is another coordinator position. Is good experience better than making money? Not sure… but it feels like a good thing to try.

Honestly, there is no right way to get where I’m going. So I’ve been quite distracted and I am trying to de-clutter ideas in my head. I know I have an idea of the destination, although my path is very fluid. If I keep the important ideas in my mind, it will work itself out.
Thinking. Art. Creativity. Earth. Actions.

So there it is! An explanation for nobody and everybody.

Now departing the Procrastination Station. Next stop: Sleep Central Park.



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