Reading List: July 2015

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My fundraising efforts for STAGE; The Production have been on full-force this month.  It is keeping me out of trouble and totally distracted from things like properly covering the TRC, applying for scholarships and reading more books.  Despite all that, it feels good being a voice for Mental Health Awareness in 2 different ways this month. (via Mad Pride & STAGE)

» July 1.

Nijigahara Holograph by Inio Asano

 Think Memento meets Waking Life meets some depressingly dark movie that doesn’t come to mind. It is an interesting book, beautifully illustrated… but I think I need to talk to somebody about this book and put it into context. It is so non-linear and confusing. I think if I read it over again I may begin to understand it better, but it is so depressing and there is no sense of redemption. I put the book down and I just felt bad.

Nijigahara Holograph-inioasano-mystery



» July 6.
Fatima: The Blood Spinners by Gilbert Hernandez

Is it the end of civilization? BOOM! Head shot.
Will there ever be peace on ea-BOOM! Head shot.
BOOM! Bad ass babes.

+ Zombies




» July 10.
Fatal Distraction by Sonja Ahlers

It seems like this month is starting out with a few depressing books. Fatal Distraction isn’t entirely depressing, but it has a sense of hopelessness, self-depreciation and apathy. A beautiful series of artworks and collage, this novel tells a vague, dreamy version of … an autobiography? Ahlers’ artwork is so lovely and her handwriting is incredible! It makes it worth reading upside down and backwards every once in a while (a hidden talent of mine anyways)

A Body Beneath- Michael DeForge

» July 14.
A Body Beneath by Michael DeForge

This guy makes crazy art, please tell me you think it is lumpy, too!
+ He is really unique. Not just his art, I mean his stories are REALLY out there. I think they are deeper than it seems.



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