Mia Hug + How 2 Erasure Poem

Erasure poetry is super-easy and really fun to do! I find it helps when I have writer’s block because the words are already there, I just need to make them something new.

In the Middle of a  Hug

by Cathy Casper
erased by Arisetotrash

just now a halo hugs the moon,
and the earth hugs the moon to her side
the mountains hug the mesas holding them close to the river
while the mesa hugs the valley close about the town
and the deer who can’t hug, touch muzzles
chickadees hug plum tree
branches between their tiny feet
as you will hug me when I open the door
of all the ways to hold close, I treasure this four-armed hug
but when you go, and hugs turn into waves, we need not feel alone
the moon
k [.]nows [T]that the Earth will hold her forever in their turning
so, hold this
aware [,] ness in your heart
we are
always in the middle of a hug

This is what In the Middle of a Hug became after I remove what I erased. For my youngest cousin:


Just a hug, and the earth hugs her back.
That Earth forever aware,
always in the middle of a hug.

Simple_+_fun!  Here’s how to do it:

  1. Find something with words on it; an old book, scrap paper, a receipt, your report card.
  2. Read the words to get a sense of what you have to work with
    → I skip this step a lot, but I think it subconsciously helps you write your Erasure Poem.
  3. Take a black marker and start crossing out all the words you do not want in your poem
    → You can use a pencil and black it out later if you are worried about mistakes.
  4. POETRY!In_The_Middle_ofa_Hug -Original Erased - unfinished

It’s that simple.
+ you can get creative with how you black out the extra words to better reflect your poem.

Here are some more examples I did: Year at a Glance Horoscopes

I am also looking for some in my sketch books, but cannot find them. Will update when I can!


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