Peeing Feels SO Good!

Don’t be ashamed, everybody pees! Admit it.

Want to know why I think peeing feels so great?
If I never urinated, I would feel really sick and probably get an infection. Also, walking would be difficult.

But the real reason peeing feels so great is…



+ you save money. So as the saying goes,

If its YELLOW let it mellow, when its BROWN flush it down!

By doing this, you can use less natural resources and conserve the energy it takes to process/filter/purify water.

We’re not out camping or living in a cottage, we’re in the city – I get it!
Please, don’t tell me I am gross; I’m sure you’ve seen nastier things in a toilet bowl than some yellow water.
It’s not like I leave it mellow it at strangers’ homes.

You can do it, I won’t judge you.


Peeing in the shower isn’t so bad either!



Turns out I’ve been an environmental-advocate my whole life.
Up until a few years ago, I thought that was what everybody did… why would you flush a toilet when you can just aim for the drain and wash away pee while you’re showering?

-> 1157 gallons of water saved in ONE YEAR.

That means throughout my life, I’ve saved about 24, 297 GALLONS OF WATER because I pee in the shower.

Who’s so gross now, huh?


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