Reading List: November 2015

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Exams are coming up!
It has been a busy month and continues to be so.  Usually when I write this list, I only add books that I have completed, although there are so many interesting texts that I am reading in my classes!  What I will plan to do next year is mention the relevant texts, perhaps noting that I haven’t completed the book. It’s nice to share the info. If I can supply links, then I will :}

» Nov 2
Death of a Salesman  by Arthur Miller

You are not a special snowflake. Neither is Willy Loman. None of us are, really.
By striving to achieve autonomy and a well-known identity, the Salesman struggles to cling to the realities of life.
This book is great, but it is also quite sad… despite this, it is very relevant to the human condition.



» Nov 30

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

GOOD BOOK! Read it! It is messed up. Begs its readers to ask questions like:

– What does it mean to be human?
– Would you like to live in the Brave New World?
– Are these people really happy?
– Is it better to be conditioned or to think freely?

Also: HOW DOES THE BOOK END??! (without giving away too much, I was very confused)


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