About A.R.T.T.

1.50 Pizza Breakfast

Hey! My name is Samm.

I made Arise-To-Trash because I want to reinvent ideas of obsolescence in our society.
I embrace ‘trashy DIY  culture’ as a lifestyle choice. A philosophy. Re-using trash and thrifting can be inventive, stylish and respectable.

I want to inspire you to be creative with everyday objects often overlooked.

Born and raised a ‘Kensington Kid’ with a slightly punk philosophical opinion on the world,  growing up in Toronto has made me aware that the over-production of throw away items only brings more trouble to our earth and the people on it. Material absorbs time, water, fuel and energy. Not only  in breaking down, but during its producing and shipping stages!
That makes Samm sad. So, I’m asking you/me/that critter in the tree:

What if we were to make new, useful things with the old?
What if  – with a bit of work-  the ugly could become beautiful art works?
Will it be sustainable? Am I going too far?  Is this going to make real change?
Can we start a revolution?

Think differently about materials and their multiple uses after they are no longer “usable”.

*Occasionally I will post some irrelevant musings of mine.I am not a one-trick lady.
I have many talents & many beliefs.I am not afraid to share ’em. ;]
Keep an eye out for sneaky messages I hide in my posts. They entertain me and make me smile.  Maybe somebodies out there might
snicker with me. 



  1. How interesting! Love the idea! Trying to find better ways to help the environment (and my bank account) every day… all the stuff we throw away (it’s money out the window too) is so bad for the world we live in. I’m looking forward to read more about your way…


    1. Thanks :}
      You are totally right! Over-consumption is a HUGE money waster. Finding ways to live with limited material objects or by growing your own food are just a few ways to save hundreds of dollars annually.

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    1. I love $1.50 day-old pizza! (how I survived art school)

      A year living in the Yukon is making adjusting back to Toronto life pretty hard. I miss the wildlife, trees and BIG hills -not to mention all the unique, self-reliant people I met.
      Finding ways to get back to nature while living in the heart of the city is… interesting :]

      I haven’t spent much time in Mississauga. I feel like I have explored the more ‘wild’ spots around there a few years ago, but I’m not sure. Do you know any cool outdoorsy places in the Missis?

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      1. Do you want to go back to the Yukon? What made you go there and why’d you return?

        I went on a hiking trip to the Rockies and it was exhausting physically and mentally and frankly I was relieved when I saw civilization again. I ate so much on the airport while coming back, pizza, subway, cotton candy, ice cream, everything!

        I haven’t spent much time in Mississauga yet, we moved here less than a year ago. To be honest I’ve never enjoyed living in Canada because of the weather.

        What art school did you go to? :) I’m studying creative advertising at Seneca markham


      2. My plan is to return next summer :}
        I studied fine arts there. Yukon SOVA was a foundation year with transferable credits to OCAD. Once I finished my program, I had to come back for family-related reasons. How do you like Advertising? I studied graphic design in high school and was pushed by my teacher to go into advertising because “I was so convincing” I became worried that I would be selling things I didn’t actually support.

        That’s funny that you ate so much on the way home :P We drove through the Rockies on the way back to Toronto and camped there for just under a week. Some of the hikes were grueling -but once you reach the top of a mountain it feels so great! We saw the Hoodoos… I never stop being amazed at what the earth creates. Did you see them?

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      3. That looks amazing and no I did not see it. I remember rappelling down a waterfall and that was quite fun :) It was an outward bound trip I got a gym credit in high school for it. they said we might see a bear, especially when we had a ‘solo’ mission for two days and we were all alone… of course we snuck into each other’s camp sites and ate snacks and read books even though it wasn’t allowed :P

        Advertising is alright but at the end of the day you’re working on promoting someone else’s dream. I want to work on and promote my own dream.

        You can always work at a cause marketing agency so you won’t end up selling things you won’t support because cause marketing focus on advertising for good causes like cancer, poverty, education, and other social issues. I’m working on an anti-obesity campaign because it’s becoming an epidemic

        and yes getting to the top of a mountain is spectacular :) although a helicopter ride to the top would certainly make life easier ;)


      4. what a cool field trip!

        I appreciate that you are campaigning for anti-obesity. It really is an important issue to educate people about. Although you are doing all that good, don’t forget to keep promoting your own dream! I see that you are with your writing. Don’t stop, don’t let life distract you.

        I know life distracts me. I’m at a point where I am now trying to make my dream a reality. Like my grandpa said “Always look out for #1” I think it makes things that much better if looking out for #1 just so happens to include other people, too. :P

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      5. I see that your dream is to teach people a thing or two about sustainability! That’s quite important for our resource-strained planet and I can see how your dream will benefit other people too :) We all benefit if we can make things last longer and turn the old into the new!



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