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Peeled banana fresh from the market ready to be eaten

Peeled banana fresh from the market ready to be eaten



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Today [Aug 29] I’ll be in Kensington Market at the corner of College & Augusta  once again in a full-fledged A.R.T.T attack!

Me and my artsy friends are selling our work… so come out and support at least ONE of us.

Expect wicked clothing, jewellery, art, SKULLS(?) and lots of other wicked stuff.

+ Spektrum & Polyna- my main gurrls in this shin-diggery  will be there.


This is not a test

toronto-trashcolormix-A.R.T.T.This is not a test… it is a reminder.
A sticker to show you where your trash goes!

I try to stay conscious of what I buy; It limits what I send to landfills.
I often ask myself:

Do I need it?
How much packaging is there?
Will it break soon after I buy it?
Can I make this myself?
Can I acquire it pre-loved?

Snail Rescue.gif ’13


WOAH!  Snails can heal themselves if their shell breaks! 

2 summers ago I heard this awful *-CRUUNCH-* I was gardening and I accidentally stepped on a snail. I felt so bad that I took her/him inside and fed her lots of yummy veggie scraps while she healed from the accident. I made this .gif when she stopped resting and the shell started growing back in.

I didn’t know that you have to take the broken bits off… but she healed fine with them left on.  :]

She is such an active, eye-whirling snail! I wanted to keep her as a pet/friend, but I realized she’d be much happier outside so I let her go after making sure she was healed.

The world is really beautiful.


This lived in my fridge for months because we felt too bad throwing it away 


What I do at night,


The Hippo started it!


I found this when editing a video.



DU0FLiPSubconscious Idolization exists.

The magnificent adventures of Samm and her Garage Band. PT 1

It was a late night like any other.

Samm had spent countless hours spiraling into the hole they call the Tubeyou, when she came across a life lesson: Pig Drumming 101.


                                                        .!!   INSPIRATION HITS  !!.

This sound project is heavily based off of a kinetic sculpture I did from old salvaged toys.

I used riffs from Dog Fashion Disco’s Siamese Fever, and various pig sounds from the murky waters of the internet.
An image of the Porkestra will be shared with the world soon enough.