Bunny Foo-Foo ’14

Pen ink, Nail polish, highlighter, mouthwash, glow paint, plastic.

Pen ink, nail polish, highlighter, mouthwash, spit, glow paint, plastic glam.

Bunny Foo-Foo.back-A.R.T.T

This is the back. I sent it to a friend of mine who donated the dead pens/highlighters/markers to me.


I had  “Little Bunny  Foo Foo” by Kimya Dawson stuck in my head while I was making this piece.
Naturally, that is where the title & image came from.

I made this of out of donated highlighters, dead pens, markers and other mystical things after getting a bunch of friends to send them to me instead of throwing them away! In return, I promised them A.R.T.T.

So there it is. My letter to Camille and the picture!

& How could I not share with you the awesome song that inspired it all!??



**this isn’t the official music video but it is so strange and delicious!   [WHY IS THE SUN….??]


When Unicorns ATTACK!

A Woman is trying to collect unicorns from around the world. I sent her one.


All Day Every Day 

Shameless Self-Promotion.


A drawing by me. For me.

and possibly you, if you enjoy reading my blog.

coffee stains, ink and tape.

Blood Drawing

Blood Drawing

Here’s a drawing I did after accidentally stabbing my thumb with a chisel in sculpture class…

pointillism meets painterly? Whaddoyathink?

Also: Blood Prints & Beading Pains

Spinal Study

Spinal Study

My absolute favorite life drawing piece.

It all began with a page from National Geographic and some charcoal. I must have used the magazine as a palette for an other work…

Never throw anything away –it can always become art.