Bernie Sanders: Corporate Media is a Threat to Democracy | Democracy Now!

An older video, but this is a very important and insightful interview with Bernie Sanders.

Please click the link below and watch as he introduces his new book and talks about how D.Drumph capitalized on very serious issues regarding poverty, middle class families and hopelessness… perhaps relying on desperate, misinformed minds.

Source: Bernie Sanders: Corporate Media is a Threat to Democracy | Democracy Now!


Fracking our lives away.

Gasland 2 is the sequel to an American documentary that focuses on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and what happens to regular people because of the gas industries we support everyday. If you drive a car, heat your home, own a cellphone OR eat food that doesn’t come from your backyard WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY.

Do you know there are places in America that don’t have any clean water because of fracking?
Kids who can’t swim or play in ponds near their home because of the chemicals irresponsibly released into their water supply?

Dimock, Pennsylvania’s water is flammable because of improper disposal of waste water from drilling. There is gasoline and methane in their drinking water!

Flaming hoses… in Texas, too!

Fracking in the neighborhood doesn’t just manifest itself in water. Chemicals blowing in the wind can cause health problems (more…)