Today in 1948: Suffocation by Smog

“Hey kid, want a smog?”
“No thanks, I quit in January. That stuff is bad for your lungs.”


In Donora, Pennsylvania during the last week of October 1948, a combination of fog and smoke blanketed the town and trapped air.  Days passed. Air pollutants increased and the smog got worse, causing a decrease in visibility…. (more…)

Air Pollution

… is the presence of chemicals, gases and particles in the air in amounts that damage the environment and cause harm to humans and other living things.

Check out the Go Green! Agenda Resurrection project

Kid President’s History of Awesome Girls Rap

This kid is SO COOL.

If this doesn’t make you love being a girl, there is something wrong. (please comment below) Tell me why!

The Boat and the Bomb (2005) – Full Length Documentary

A documentary about the sinking of Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior in 1985 on their way to protest France’s nuclear testing in the Pacific.

I am doing a presentation about this historic event in class today. I thought it may be important to know some of the history behind groups like Greenpeace and their efforts for a better, more sustainable world.

“When the world is sick and dying, the people will rise up like Warriors of the Rainbow” — Cree First Nations Prophecy.



An Interactive Dive of the Rainbow Warrior’s Resting Place – It is beautiful how coral has grown over the ship!

What a Wonderful World

Apologies for the graphic image in my last post. Without further adieu, a contradiction to the things that are really happening out there.


Fishermen confirm shark finning on tuna longliners | Greenpeace International

The cruel yet lucrative shark fin trade is back in the headlines (August 2015)

Source: Fishermen confirm shark finning on tuna longliners | Greenpeace International


Canada Votes 2015 Election Night – FOLLOW IT HERE!

Coverage of Canada’s federal election.

Source: Canada Votes 2015 Election Night – News


Have you voted yet?

Doing something is always better than nothing.  If you thought there was no reason to vote, here is your porpoise.

Trent Radio Does Not Like Music

A creative critique of the music industry.
Kerr does a great job summarizing the industry behind music on the radio.
Think Freddie Mercury’s Radio Gaga, a song that is hypocritical in itself.  Read on to see why:

Source: Trent Radio does not like music

Listen online to: Trent Radio

(I have to play this song! Freddie was a beautiful man)

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