Today [Aug 29] I’ll be in Kensington Market at the corner of College & Augusta  once again in a full-fledged A.R.T.T attack!

Me and my artsy friends are selling our work… so come out and support at least ONE of us.

Expect wicked clothing, jewellery, art, SKULLS(?) and lots of other wicked stuff.

+ Spektrum & Polyna- my main gurrls in this shin-diggery  will be there.




“The best way to manage waste is to
not produce it at all”

Keeping Our Earth Green by Nancy F. Castaldolandfill_gas_conversion2

It is impossible to absolutely stop producing garbage/waste.
But you can become aware of how much waste enter our landfills each year. 

Many things can be done to reduce the amount of waste you contribute:
Make art! Recycle! Donate unwanted items!
Look for objects that use minimal packaging! Think twice before upgrading your electronics!
Buy re-usable products like bags, water bottles, cutlery and feminine products!

Get creative.  Inspire others. Live for today and tomorrow.

Ascending Footfalls ’13


Ascending Footfalls

The fear of falling up/down escalators.
Steps begin to disconnect and fall away from one another as my foot makes contact.
Highly inspired by my own nightmares and the struggle to overcome irrationality.

Media: acrylic, salvaged film, paper on reclaimed canvas

When Unicorns ATTACK!

A Woman is trying to collect unicorns from around the world. I sent her one.


All Day Every Day 

Bringing Markers Back From the Dead — Mouthwash Edition.

When I got my long-awaited medusa piercing, my good friend [&face stabber], Hippy, advised me to use mouthwash to ward off infection.
That night, my lovely boyfriend brought back the most horrible product to enter an orifice.

Blood. Swelling. Sticky. Non-Alcoholic.  Boo. :[

Blood. Swelling Gums. Sticky. Gross.

I tried to return it after my mouth began bleeding and my gums got swollen and raw… but Miss City Girl forgot that in the middle of nowhere, there is no such thing as returns. The General Store is far too cheap and totally  unconcerned with the state of my mouth.

Whats a girl to do? I couldn’t just toss it — that would make me feel SO guilty.
The amount of time, energy and materials that went into creating the product, the packaging and then shipping it to the Yukon was just too much.

So I did the only thing I could do.  :D

*~~Toss it into my box of random art supplies/liquids/shiny objects and wait for inspiration ~~~*

AND NOW  the most horrible mouthwash product I have ever used has found purpose in my life!

I got lots of pens donated to me for art-making. For a challenge, I was also sent a lot of dead, dried out markers and highlighters.

I made it a goal to use as much from what she donated as possible for the piece
I am making as a thanks for her help↓


in progress…

I dipped my un-lidded, unloved markers into a capful of mouthwash.

What came next, you ask?
MAGIC! That’s what!

The markers could mark again! The highlighters, high on life were trailing fluorescence all over my sketchbook!

The 'gutted' markers absorbed most of the mouthwash.

The ‘gutted’ markers absorbed most of the mouthwash.

Its amazing and yet so terrifying knowing that mouthwash can revitalize the dead. What makes me feel best about this discovery is that I can find a use for that which I despised and wanted to throw away.

Reusing. Recreating it’s purpose. Re-CYCLE-ing!

And so, my friends.  The moral of this long story is:

Mouthwash+DeadMarkers = ZOMBIE MARKERS.

xxx. AriseToTrash.

Blood Drawing

Blood Drawing

Here’s a drawing I did after accidentally stabbing my thumb with a chisel in sculpture class…

pointillism meets painterly? Whaddoyathink?

Also: Blood Prints & Beading Pains


Sometimes I wonder

If what’s in front of me is really real. (more…)

Gallery Exhibition 2014


My piece  Under D0G for the art exhibition “String-Theory” in Whitehorse, Yukon.
All 15 students at SOVA were given ink, watercolor, wax, fur and string as a guideline.

This is what I came up with.

What do you think?

It was pretty hard to make it all come together, but the wolf fur scraps I bought in December ended up being the perfect thing!

I feel bad for the wolf, but at least it’s spirit and the fur itself won’t be left un-loved.  :]

Keep an eye out for my next post, I’ll show you what I’ve done to Samm-ify my winter gear & maybe inspire you to jazz up those black jackets too.

Why Blog?

                                                                      I am 20.
It  is my first year studying art.

                                              I’m living in the infamous Sub-Arctica.

Dawson City, Yukon is one of the most breath-taking places I’ve traveled.  Although this is my first out-of-eastern-Canada experience, I can tell you my dearest readers, that this place I currently call home will forever have a special place in my soul. Figuratively speaking, of course.

The lovely borealis dances when it is so frigid outside your eyelashes freeze. Ravens click morning salutations on my walk into town. Dogs walk themselves. Drinkers have their own elite club. Locals are more than willing to share their knowledge of the land and their abundance of shed antlers.

                                                    So, why blog? WHY!? 

  • I want to spread my love for this world through art and creating.
  • I want to inspire others to think differently.
  • I want to question people and hear their answers.

I perform this ^ magik through sculpture, drawings, [strange] poetry, and photography…

Among other things I also enjoy sharing new, interesting things I pick up on along the way.

DSCN7321                                   I also have an incredible love for the moon.