How to make your own Creepers

♫ you can never have too many platform boots ♫

I have yet to try this one… what a great way to give a new life to the flipflops hanging around at home.

Want to have your own pair of these amazing sneaker Creepers?

  • Flat Lace ups shoes- Could be Vans, Converse or high tops –High Tops provide more support for your ankles) ,
  • Three pairs of rubber thongs, give or take depending on how high you would like your creepers. You may find that you will need a larger size of thongs than what would you normally wear.
  • Shoe glue – I used 2 tubes.
  • Scissors
  • Large serrated knife
  • Ink pen or pencil
  • Plasti-Dip liquid rubber paint
  • Sponge paint brush
  • Rubber bands
  • Rubber Gloves- So you dont get glue all over your hands

Step 1: Clean the Shoes

  • Ensure that before you start making the shoes that they are thoroughly cleaned, Use Mentholated Spirits or nail polish remover to do so. (It’s essential to make sure everything is clean as dirt and moisture prevent glue from making a secure bond.)

Step 2:…

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Hiding in a skull shirt.

Fully converted to the A.R.T.T persuasion.
Cotton. Leather. Denim et al.

Undervalued and unloved fabrics are my friends. 

Are they yours?


**NOTE:  I’m not ok with purchasing NEW leather products unless I am certain that the rest of the animal was used in a respectable, responsible way. If I am able to give a new life to animal products that are unwanted, then I gladly will.

`Selling Art~~

Its official.

I sold my first piece of artwork today!
The best part about it???

It was my most favourite painting I did all year at SOVA!

‘Bathroom Wall Raven &the Broken Helicopter’  is a painting I did as tribute to the horrible paint job in the bathroom at my old apartment.

I kept seeing a raven and a mysterious critter…  I felt a bond with them.
They were paint stained spirit creatures.

Paint Stains.

Just like MUFASA!

When I was a kid, I saw him in the wood grains on my grandma’s wooden door.  :]
Don’t call me crazy! Call me imaginative.


Animating Dragons – Fire and Ice

A short stop motion film of a pen-ink drawing I did on glass.

Literally pen ink! I broke old broken pens and blew the excess ink onto a piece of glass. Feels great getting real light-headed and then making arts.

I also used spit, see if you can find my spit blobs in the video!

Music: Hydra — Arch Enemy

Winter Gear is now RAD Gear.

Winter Gear, now RAD Gear.

-44°c on my walk to school this morning.

Ice fog always hovers over Dawson City once it hits 40 below…

A 13 minute walk to get to school feels like WAY longer if you aren’t dressed properly. Thanks to my fantastic hand-painted Gauntlets, the day is saved!

I made these during my dog-sitting stay in a teeny cabin at the beginning of the year.
They make me feel so awesome, they give my black parka/snowpants/hair/life a fluorescent POP.

PLUS          I won’t lose them at the Pit.

I mentioned having wolf scraps in my last post…

Here are some goals for making my dark, gloomy winter gear more creepy-cool and less ghastly and gruesome.

  • Sew fur trim on Parka hood
  •  Make [wolf]muffs
  • Patch my toque with monsters [salvaged from a thrift-shop toddler onesie]
  • Lace my boots with Ribbon


Interested in knowing how to do this stuff?
Have you modified clothing before?

Comment below and let me know what you think :}