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Found this album at the Dawson City FREE STORE!

++Good road trippin’ music

Girls Rock!

Get ready Dawson City, Grrrls are going to shake things up this summer.

Heck yeah! It’s be a success with crowd-funding for the Yukon Girls Rock Camp and that means young girls getting together, making music and feeling empowered. Devon and the Dawson City Music Fest crew hosted concerts, local events and a Kickstarter campaign in efforts to raise money for this great idea.
When people get together, anything is possible!

Yukon Girls Rock Camp


Yukon Girls Rock Camp — 4 DAYS LEFT!


YUKON GIRLS ROCK needs $1000 more!!!

Help out however you can.

Donate – getcoolstuff – or Share!

Yukon Girls Rock Camp 2015 — Kickstarter.

[SUPPORT] Yukon Girls Rock Camp 2015 — Kickstarter

Yukon’s VERY FIRST Girls Rock Camp!

Girls (aged 8-15) will be out there making music, speaking their mind and feeling totally empowered.  The Dawson City Music Festival Association is helping support the camp with instruments and they even get to play on stage at the music festival in July!  I know this is going to become something big.

What better way to spend the summer [and winter] than with other cool chicks, creating revolutions and rebel grrls!?!
I wish I had something like this growing up.


Help out by donating or sharing this with your friends… it is an amazing, much-needed opportunity for Yukon girls.

Oh, and watch the video on Kickstarter~! So, so, so, wicked!

Yukon Girls Rock Camp 2015 by Devon Berquist — Kickstarter.

BlabberSamm and the Bricolage of D00M or, how I try to figure myself out [a self portrait]

Recently, I’ve been all over the map & I like it that way.
I am juxtaposed
up your nose.


Rusty Old Filing Cabinet – Aurora Borealis

Rustfilingcabinet-northernlights-A.r.t.t.Throwback Thursday!
Teresa is a good Dawson City friend of mine. She has a publishing company by the name of Rabbit Creek Press.  After a recent renovation and a new office space, Teresa nabbed this sepia, yucky, rusty filing cabinet from a person for $25.

[Now this is the time where I wish I took a ‘before’ photo so you could better believe me] but that’s not how I roll.

My lovely man-friend Reuben told Teresa about a filing cabinet I  ‘fixed up’ for him, and that’s how this one came to be. First, I power sanded the cabinet to get rid of the rust and allow the paint to adhere better.

Teresa and I spent a few days talking about design, content, utility and colour.  Teresa wanted something funky, bright, and had the Aurora Borealis on it. Some true Yukon Spirit!
Dawson city-yukon-borealis
We came up with a warm, bright color(Engine Orange) and black chalk board paint on either side of the filing cabinet with the Borealis design. I went for black drawers with chromed handles and used lots of neon green, pink, yellow and white for the borealis.


Chalk board on both sides

It was my first time experimenting with stencils on furniture, but I think I did a pretty good job in making an organic light mystery out of spray paint.

Me and the finished piece in its new home.

Me and the finished piece in its new home.


Self Portrait – Exam week ’14

Samm-selfportrait- A.R.T.T
Self Portrait during Exam week studying at SOVA
[School of Visual Arts] in Dawson City, Yukon.
Oil on canvas.

Volunteering: Winning in all Directions


6 pack rings, NORCAN, Beer, Cider, Food, Tunes. <3


Klondike Colours Book Launch

This evening I will be photographing and filming the official book launch for a new publishing company, Rabbit Creek Press!!

Klondike Colours is a kids colouring book that’s illustrations focus on the history of Dawson City’s gold rush era combined with present day community events.

The book was illustrated by a past SOVA student graduate, Andrée Bélanger. She studied at the art school the year before I attended.

I am normally a still-life-photo-taker. I find it hard to take good, flattering photos of people while they are standing in front of a microphone or are mid-conversation.
Today I will try something new.

I will become a stealthy photographer!

People won’t be able to act weird about seeing a camera around because they will not see me!

My goal is to set the camera up so that it takes multiple photos at once, that way I can choose the best from the photo bursts! I will also dress in darker colours, more casual than my usual in-your-face kind of style… just so people forget about my presence.

No, I am not going to stalk them or take “secret” photos.
I will be present, but hopefully unnoticed —-» LIKE A NINJA!

I will let you know how that works out… and whether I’m going to be overly confident in Program mode or stay cautious on Automatic is another story entirely.


Bringing Markers Back From the Dead — Mouthwash Edition.

When I got my long-awaited medusa piercing, my good friend [&face stabber], Hippy, advised me to use mouthwash to ward off infection.
That night, my lovely boyfriend brought back the most horrible product to enter an orifice.

Blood. Swelling. Sticky. Non-Alcoholic.  Boo. :[

Blood. Swelling Gums. Sticky. Gross.

I tried to return it after my mouth began bleeding and my gums got swollen and raw… but Miss City Girl forgot that in the middle of nowhere, there is no such thing as returns. The General Store is far too cheap and totally  unconcerned with the state of my mouth.

Whats a girl to do? I couldn’t just toss it — that would make me feel SO guilty.
The amount of time, energy and materials that went into creating the product, the packaging and then shipping it to the Yukon was just too much.

So I did the only thing I could do.  :D

*~~Toss it into my box of random art supplies/liquids/shiny objects and wait for inspiration ~~~*

AND NOW  the most horrible mouthwash product I have ever used has found purpose in my life!

I got lots of pens donated to me for art-making. For a challenge, I was also sent a lot of dead, dried out markers and highlighters.

I made it a goal to use as much from what she donated as possible for the piece
I am making as a thanks for her help↓


in progress…

I dipped my un-lidded, unloved markers into a capful of mouthwash.

What came next, you ask?
MAGIC! That’s what!

The markers could mark again! The highlighters, high on life were trailing fluorescence all over my sketchbook!

The 'gutted' markers absorbed most of the mouthwash.

The ‘gutted’ markers absorbed most of the mouthwash.

Its amazing and yet so terrifying knowing that mouthwash can revitalize the dead. What makes me feel best about this discovery is that I can find a use for that which I despised and wanted to throw away.

Reusing. Recreating it’s purpose. Re-CYCLE-ing!

And so, my friends.  The moral of this long story is:

Mouthwash+DeadMarkers = ZOMBIE MARKERS.

xxx. AriseToTrash.