Dawson city

Living College-Free :: AWOL update

School is over!

I have been without internet for the past month and was searching frantically for a home.
A word to you hippies:



Searching for a Home

Searching for a Home

Finding housing in Dawson City is a nightmare. I hate it.

But then this happens on Craigslist and my fear/anger/resentment turns into “Awwwww! Ain’t that cute?”

What’s the crotch W for??


Yes! Yes! YES!

I saw my very first LYNX on my drive to Whitehorse this morning! How cool!

I wish I could post photos of the drive down, namely Stewart Crossing’s tiny little “Food Store”, but I can’t figure out how to get this stuff off my blackberry and onto the school computer [818 PICS]
My boyfriend and I drove with Teresa [a friend from writer’s club] and her cute little Dawson City Mutt, Tucker. What a fun ride! I learned about how to find a good name for myself, branding and marketing my artwork at the Dawson City Art Market beginning in the summer… I’m excited, but very nervous about the whole thing. I also need to make more art and various merch before I can start worrying about branding myself.

Why am I in Whitehorse anyways? Oh! It’s because my TEETH ARE KILLING MY FACE.  Yes, I have X-RAYS from 2 years ago… proof that my teeth are screwy. I need to take new ones so that I can get my wisdom teeth removed in MAY at the earliest –reality is telling me it won’t be until June. One thing I really hate about facial X-RAYS is taking out all my jewelery. I’ve got topaz plugs in so those will stay, but otherwise I have to take out 10 piercings!! Lazy much?

I am sorry to say I did not document the Lynx, but I will post a photo of one side of my mouth. Here is the wisdom tooth that I despise:

& now, back to delicious soup with my boyfriend in a hotel with a big old jacuzzi!

Winter Gear is now RAD Gear.

Winter Gear, now RAD Gear.

-44°c on my walk to school this morning.

Ice fog always hovers over Dawson City once it hits 40 below…

A 13 minute walk to get to school feels like WAY longer if you aren’t dressed properly. Thanks to my fantastic hand-painted Gauntlets, the day is saved!

I made these during my dog-sitting stay in a teeny cabin at the beginning of the year.
They make me feel so awesome, they give my black parka/snowpants/hair/life a fluorescent POP.

PLUS          I won’t lose them at the Pit.

I mentioned having wolf scraps in my last post…

Here are some goals for making my dark, gloomy winter gear more creepy-cool and less ghastly and gruesome.

  • Sew fur trim on Parka hood
  •  Make [wolf]muffs
  • Patch my toque with monsters [salvaged from a thrift-shop toddler onesie]
  • Lace my boots with Ribbon


Interested in knowing how to do this stuff?
Have you modified clothing before?

Comment below and let me know what you think :}


A little ditty my good friend Lindsey Tyne and I made during the wee hours of the night.
I have never taken singing classes.
I do not support the Canada Goose brand.

This is a masterpiece of Northern amounts!

↑ My sarcasm.

Looking forward to this warm spell ending and 40 below coming back… too warm.

Why Blog?

                                                                      I am 20.
It  is my first year studying art.

                                              I’m living in the infamous Sub-Arctica.

Dawson City, Yukon is one of the most breath-taking places I’ve traveled.  Although this is my first out-of-eastern-Canada experience, I can tell you my dearest readers, that this place I currently call home will forever have a special place in my soul. Figuratively speaking, of course.

The lovely borealis dances when it is so frigid outside your eyelashes freeze. Ravens click morning salutations on my walk into town. Dogs walk themselves. Drinkers have their own elite club. Locals are more than willing to share their knowledge of the land and their abundance of shed antlers.

                                                    So, why blog? WHY!? 

  • I want to spread my love for this world through art and creating.
  • I want to inspire others to think differently.
  • I want to question people and hear their answers.

I perform this ^ magik through sculpture, drawings, [strange] poetry, and photography…

Among other things I also enjoy sharing new, interesting things I pick up on along the way.

DSCN7321                                   I also have an incredible love for the moon.