Canada Votes 2015 Election Night – FOLLOW IT HERE!

Coverage of Canada’s federal election.

Source: Canada Votes 2015 Election Night – CBC.ca News


Have you voted yet?

Doing something is always better than nothing.  If you thought there was no reason to vote, here is your porpoise.

The Cut – Shane Koyczan  →Harper’s “Canada”

An incredible piece of poetry.

||Listen to his words (maybe ignore the sappy background music)

Think about what has happened to Canada in the past 9+ years, do we really want to keep this up? Do we really want to keep selling off pieces of (stolen) Canadian soil to China?

If Stephen Harper is re-elected, he will become one of the top 5 longest elected Prime Ministers in Canadian history. So when you mark your ballot on October 19, think about what kind of Canada you want to be proud of.

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