Undeveloped Film Project -Essential in Understanding our Histories

I just watched this mini-doc on Kam70‘s blog.  It’s about The Rescued Film Project and the discovery/processing of 31 rolls of film.  Its not just ANY film. These photos were taken by an American WWII soldier 70+ years ago!

The project itself is crucial. In attaining a complete understanding of our history as humans, we can understand things from a deeper perspective. Somebody’s voice speaks through the images. They capture glimpses into a world so removed from our own.  The fact that this man is saving old film and developing it is SO important to attaining a better understanding of our roots and the construction of values we have today.

∴ Film is vital •

It shouldn’t something written off, nor should it become obsolete. (more…)


Mirror Phase – Discovery

A look at the different side of “self”

Can you see my monster?

Audio: Violin Bow, Guitar.

Ascending Footfalls ’13


Ascending Footfalls

The fear of falling up/down escalators.
Steps begin to disconnect and fall away from one another as my foot makes contact.
Highly inspired by my own nightmares and the struggle to overcome irrationality.

Media: acrylic, salvaged film, paper on reclaimed canvas



Spider:Satisfied is a video project I created after making friends with a house spider during my time living in Dawson City’s oldest, possibly most run down and still rent-able building there is!
Also, more of my philosophical jabber.

I’m very proud of the music… and my spider-friend was a great help!

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