DIY Industrial Christmas Ornament

Good idea!
Now instead of using fresh wood for the rings, why not experiment with rubber washers, vinyls, CDs, plastic, salveged leather, (painted) corrugated cardboard, gears or other disc-shaped objects?

And for the bolts/nuts? What about pony/wooden/glass beads, pop bottle lids, pieces of cork, Barbie heads, the erasers on the ends of pencils, dried plant seeds or anything, really! (more…)


Music to Inspire – Pigface Collective

Pigface is a really wicked band →   I listen to them when I draw and make things.426px-Pigface_1991

Wikipedia says they’re an industrial super-group from the 90s, but it’s hard to find information about them so I choose to love the music without any desire in knowing their history.

Pigface isn’t REALLY a band, more like a collective of artists into the same kind of music.