Grave Situation

Wretch (1990)

This is a good album. Nothing more needs to be said.




Earth-Friendly Renovation and Construction (podcast)

Green Renovation and Construction

This podcast will teach you a bit about ways to renovate/rebuild your space while keeping the earth in mind. There are so many ways to be green — they’ll save you $$$ in the future.

Podcast Link: LISTEN HERE


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People make the Earth Shake

Can Humans Start an Earthquake?

Drilling, flooding, building. There are so many ways to shake things up!

Podcast Link: LISTEN HERE


Stuff You Should Know is a little heavy on the ads for my liking, but I usually just skip ahead.
They are well-sourced and really informative.
I thought this was an interesting and important podcast to listen to and learn about.

Check it out!

Music to Inspire – Pigface Collective

Pigface is a really wicked band →   I listen to them when I draw and make things.426px-Pigface_1991

Wikipedia says they’re an industrial super-group from the 90s, but it’s hard to find information about them so I choose to love the music without any desire in knowing their history.

Pigface isn’t REALLY a band, more like a collective of artists into the same kind of music.