Yes! Yes! YES!

I saw my very first LYNX on my drive to Whitehorse this morning! How cool!

I wish I could post photos of the drive down, namely Stewart Crossing’s tiny little “Food Store”, but I can’t figure out how to get this stuff off my blackberry and onto the school computer [818 PICS]
My boyfriend and I drove with Teresa [a friend from writer’s club] and her cute little Dawson City Mutt, Tucker. What a fun ride! I learned about how to find a good name for myself, branding and marketing my artwork at the Dawson City Art Market beginning in the summer… I’m excited, but very nervous about the whole thing. I also need to make more art and various merch before I can start worrying about branding myself.

Why am I in Whitehorse anyways? Oh! It’s because my TEETH ARE KILLING MY FACE.  Yes, I have X-RAYS from 2 years ago… proof that my teeth are screwy. I need to take new ones so that I can get my wisdom teeth removed in MAY at the earliest –reality is telling me it won’t be until June. One thing I really hate about facial X-RAYS is taking out all my jewelery. I’ve got topaz plugs in so those will stay, but otherwise I have to take out 10 piercings!! Lazy much?

I am sorry to say I did not document the Lynx, but I will post a photo of one side of my mouth. Here is the wisdom tooth that I despise:

& now, back to delicious soup with my boyfriend in a hotel with a big old jacuzzi!