Come visit me and my friends in Kensington Market this Friday, Saturday & SUN-Solstice-Day!

I will only be there the Friday, but if you live in Toronto come check it out and support your local artists and creators.
Sofi from Great Spirit Designs  asked me to answer a few questions for the Winter Market:

  • First name, Birth place
  • Description of product
  • How did you come up with the concept of your product? The birth of the idea
  • 3 songs that are the soundtrack to your life
  • If you were a fruit or a vegetable what would you be? And why?
  • Favorite quote (Maybe a quote pertaining to your product)

Read it and weep! ∀

 My name is Samm. I am born and raised a ‘Kensington Kid’.  I use my creative spirit to refashion clothing, jewelry, housewares, etc from salvaged and thrifted objects.
The best way to describe my work is to define Arisetotrash.  It is a series of products, projects and philosophies. It is art, life and everything in between. It’s changing the way you think about junk and making it pure funk. 
I got inspired to re-invent the idea of obsolescence, to embrace that which we could simply throw away and be challenged to make something new of it. Currently I am focusing on re-purposing fabrics, plastics and various toys.
I guess you could say my idea was birthed from garbage day at the Market, or maybe the crusty punk kids who hung out in the park when I was younger and more impressionable.
3 songs that are the soundtrack to my life… humm, that’s a hard one.  System of a Down – Mind, Kimya Dawson – Little Bunny Foo Foo, and having jam sessions with friends (and soon-to-be-friends). 
If I could be any vegetable I would be a Dandelion. Very underrated, contagious,  food for turtles, beautiful in all forms, super healthy for you, yummy and I’d make delicious wine.
“Free thinkers are dangerous” – Serj Tankian

Judge me not! Support and love me~~~  :}

Don’t forget, I will also be in Oakville on SUN-Solstice-Day  10am-4pm


If you’re living in/around Oakville, ON and you want to see more of my stuff, there is another market Sun 21 10am-4pm  @ the same place posted above.

Today went well at the x-mas craft sale.  :]
I got to speak to some great people and inspire others about reusing and being consumer-conscious.

I had some great conversations brainstorm sessions with people mainly about reusing the plastic ‘shell’ of pens and finding a way to make my Reversed Pigment (a.k.a Bleachers) clothing more environmentally friendly.

My next goal in regards to that is “bleaching” clothing with high-grade peroxide or a lemon juice/vinegar mix.
I’ll let readers know the results.

I’m so happy being able to get out there and talk to people. Just to get the ball rolling, and to INSPIRE!!!

One of the thoughts I brought up (in general terms and not in any way about my own creations)

Focus on the products you buy.

Who you support.
Where it comes from.
How much material is in it, and if that material is actually necessary.