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Hello my friends!

I’m looking for writers/artists/musicians/poets to join the ‪Arisetotrash‬ community

  • Add your perspective/ideas to topics like:
    Sustainability, Social Justice, DIY , Earth, Art, Music, Philosophy and Activism!
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  • We don’t need to be completely like-minded.
    I value you, your ideas and the inspirations that make you unique. I’m open to anything :]

If you’re interested in knowing more, send me an email (the name of this blog @ or comment below.
I will let you know the nitty-grits.


BlabberSamm and the Bricolage of D00M or, how I try to figure myself out [a self portrait]

Recently, I’ve been all over the map & I like it that way.
I am juxtaposed
up your nose.


THROWBACK ’13 – Decouplate — Reflections


From a workshop I hosted in the summer of 2013.

50+ ceramic dinner plates were salvaged from a hospital after discovering they were going to be thrown away.

The project organizer challenged me to make something that wasn’t costly and was easy to teach to a group that consisted of many art levels.   (more…)

Mirror Phase – Discovery

A look at the different side of “self”

Can you see my monster?

Audio: Violin Bow, Guitar.

_____________ are good Hypnotists.

A College Humor vidya that sheds some light on social programming through various adverting schemes.

It’s incredible how often we believe things to be true, or believe them to be necessary in th e ‘grand path’ that is life.

Why do we THINK we have to do certain things?




Spider:Satisfied is a video project I created after making friends with a house spider during my time living in Dawson City’s oldest, possibly most run down and still rent-able building there is!
Also, more of my philosophical jabber.

I’m very proud of the music… and my spider-friend was a great help!

Tell me what you think!