DIY Kittynip CraZy Toy — SO EASY!!!

Got some burlap? Leather? Fabric scraps hanging around?

Well, I ALWAYS do.

Got a kitty who has sharp nails?

My couch knows that answer better than I do… 🙀


Meet Atticus!  My little creepy kittykat!  ❤️❤️💜

He’s a really special cat because he LOVES any kind of toy I make for him. My little earth saving, arisetotrashtic, meowzer.

I thought I’d treat him with something a little more special. Organic catnip for my kitty Christmas craft idea, and I had everything I needed to get to work.

What feels so awesome about this project is that I got to support an awesome shop on Queen West called Good Catch and this project only cost me under $6. Score!

plus, Atticus is happily making his claws less sharp/being active. Win, win.

Sammslittlehelper      Kittytoymaterials

My trusty sewing machine + some cotton and leather scraps + burlap + CATNIP = best toy ever!

You don’t need to be exact, just cut out a huge square of burlap*, fold it in half and sew around all edges but one. Make a slightly smaller square out of thinnish cotton or a breathable material. Do the same.

*if you want to add some extra cat-claw dulling action, sew some random patches of thick leather scraps to the burlap before you sew it into a rectangle shape.

The burlap rectangle is going to be the outside of the cat toy. The cotton one will be the inside.

Stuff the cotton rectangle 1/3 with fabric scraps [make sure tags or anything pokey and unsafe for kitties is thrown away!!] and fill the next 1/3 of the rectangle (or more, if you like) with CATNIP. Stuff the rest of the now cushiony rectangle with cotton.

Sew that cotton rectangle shut!

This is the part where making the burlap rectangle a bit bigger (or the cotton one smaller) makes your life a lot easier.

Stuff the cotton rectangle that is now 2/3 scrap fabric +1/3 catnip and totally sewe shut INTO the burlap rectangle. Sew the stuffed burlap kitt toy shut and BAM!  Your done!

The one in the front is the soggy prototype.  The back one has leather and added cotton strips on it for flinging, flying action :]

The one in the front is the soggy prototype.
The back one has leather and added cotton strips on it for flinging, flying action :]

Now fling it at your cat and watch him go crazy with a toy YOU made yourself. He’ll be so happy and, since he probably watched you make it the entire time, will appreciate it way more than any toy you’ve ever bought. ;]

Happy making!

Workin’ the Dawson City ArtMarket

This week is going to be a busy one. I’m going to have to make a whole lot more patches, necklaces and t-shirts for next Saturday, which is the Dawson City MUSIC FEST!!!!

Why? Because having a booth at the Dawson City ArtMarket went better than I expected!  :]

HERE’S A BONUS: click the link above!! Search for a picture of my back and a flowery skirt setting up my first ever ArtMarket table! I shared it with Troy, this guy who makes SUPER-TRIPPY-SUPER-AWESOME screenprints  ⇔

What do I sell, you ask?

I am currently lacking in photographic tools, but I will try to explain;

I am the ultimate recycler.

I scour the streets for cool rocks, forgotten toys, sticks, metal bits and whatever
tickles me.
I make jewelry, magnets, hair stuff and other various bits and bobs.

I thrift like a mad woman! 

Cutting, Sewing, Ripping, Stitching. Dying. Tying. Spiking.
Until I make ugly, old or awkward clothing look WAY cooler than…
in.your.dreams, kiddo.


one cool trinket at a time.


It’s a lifestyle I’m selling. It’s being hyper-aware of your own necessities.
I don’t even care if you buy my art. Just be inspired.

Ask yourself.
– Do you need it? Do you, really?
– Is there a better source to get it from?
– What are you supporting? Do you agree with their views?
– How can you make a difference?

Surprisingly, there are people of all ages who appreciate what I am trying to do.
I am so thankful for that.

Be radical. Think for yourself. Cherish the earth. Don’t take more from it than you need.

Winter Gear is now RAD Gear.

Winter Gear, now RAD Gear.

-44°c on my walk to school this morning.

Ice fog always hovers over Dawson City once it hits 40 below…

A 13 minute walk to get to school feels like WAY longer if you aren’t dressed properly. Thanks to my fantastic hand-painted Gauntlets, the day is saved!

I made these during my dog-sitting stay in a teeny cabin at the beginning of the year.
They make me feel so awesome, they give my black parka/snowpants/hair/life a fluorescent POP.

PLUS          I won’t lose them at the Pit.

I mentioned having wolf scraps in my last post…

Here are some goals for making my dark, gloomy winter gear more creepy-cool and less ghastly and gruesome.

  • Sew fur trim on Parka hood
  •  Make [wolf]muffs
  • Patch my toque with monsters [salvaged from a thrift-shop toddler onesie]
  • Lace my boots with Ribbon


Interested in knowing how to do this stuff?
Have you modified clothing before?

Comment below and let me know what you think :}