Winter Gear is now RAD Gear.

Winter Gear, now RAD Gear.

-44°c on my walk to school this morning.

Ice fog always hovers over Dawson City once it hits 40 below…

A 13 minute walk to get to school feels like WAY longer if you aren’t dressed properly. Thanks to my fantastic hand-painted Gauntlets, the day is saved!

I made these during my dog-sitting stay in a teeny cabin at the beginning of the year.
They make me feel so awesome, they give my black parka/snowpants/hair/life a fluorescent POP.

PLUS          I won’t lose them at the Pit.

I mentioned having wolf scraps in my last post…

Here are some goals for making my dark, gloomy winter gear more creepy-cool and less ghastly and gruesome.

  • Sew fur trim on Parka hood
  •  Make [wolf]muffs
  • Patch my toque with monsters [salvaged from a thrift-shop toddler onesie]
  • Lace my boots with Ribbon


Interested in knowing how to do this stuff?
Have you modified clothing before?

Comment below and let me know what you think :}