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Music | The Old-timers

The Old-Timers are the best Christian Punk band I have ever heard. Probably the only one I have ever heard… I discovered them a few days ago on Trent Radio and, although I do not identify with religion, this is the best contemporary religious music I have ever heard.

They don’t only sing about god! They sing about real issues, politics and the social issues we face. Homeless Friends is one of my favorite songs, also check out For the Love of Hippos!!!

They are PUNK A.F.

Source: Music | The Old-timers


Trent Radio Does Not Like Music

A creative critique of the music industry.
Kerr does a great job summarizing the industry behind music on the radio.
Think Freddie Mercury’s Radio Gaga, a song that is hypocritical in itself.  Read on to see why:

Source: Trent Radio does not like music

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(I have to play this song! Freddie was a beautiful man)