Bernie Sanders: Corporate Media is a Threat to Democracy | Democracy Now!

An older video, but this is a very important and insightful interview with Bernie Sanders.

Please click the link below and watch as he introduces his new book and talks about how D.Drumph capitalized on very serious issues regarding poverty, middle class families and hopelessness… perhaps relying on desperate, misinformed minds.

Source: Bernie Sanders: Corporate Media is a Threat to Democracy | Democracy Now!


Undeveloped Film Project -Essential in Understanding our Histories

I just watched this mini-doc on Kam70‘s blog.  It’s about The Rescued Film Project and the discovery/processing of 31 rolls of film.  Its not just ANY film. These photos were taken by an American WWII soldier 70+ years ago!

The project itself is crucial. In attaining a complete understanding of our history as humans, we can understand things from a deeper perspective. Somebody’s voice speaks through the images. They capture glimpses into a world so removed from our own.  The fact that this man is saving old film and developing it is SO important to attaining a better understanding of our roots and the construction of values we have today.

∴ Film is vital •

It shouldn’t something written off, nor should it become obsolete. (more…)