System Of A Down – Sugar!!!!

The intro to this music video pretty much sums up corporate news broadcasters.

I’m talking about you CP/24!

Bad Acid Trip – Beef Moo

A little story about earth.

“Too many people in such a small place.
Over-population by this human race
They beat you down, say ‘Learn your place
As part of a statistic called the human race
Fat rats breed us toward our own annihilation
Hiding ideas that’d be our salvation”

Bad Acid Trip is the best. I want them to come to Canada!!!


Didgeridoo Meets Orchestra

This is the most amazing piece of music I have heard in a very long time.

Grave Situation

Wretch (1990)

This is a good album. Nothing more needs to be said.



The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim | Full Original Soundtrack

Awesome. So friggin awesome.

= Essay writing stylee.

Fallout 3-Galaxy News Radio

A new follower whose work is pretty interesting just reminded me how amazing the music in Fallout 3 is. I haven’t played the game yet, but my best friend is a Fallout FREAK so I know.

*essay writing music, ftw*

Columbus Day; Colonization

Listen to the Lyrics.



Resource Extraction and it’s impact on peoples’ health |

Is resource extraction/mining negatively affecting human health?

How do the things we do today in the environment and the economy impact peoples’ health? What about patriarchy and the impacts it has on women? Colonialism and Indigenous communities?

In this podcast, Dr. Baj Mukhopadhyay talks about the Canadian chapter of the global People’s Health Movement and answers some of these important questions.

Source: Extractivism, colonialism, and building a health justice movement in Canada |


I saw A Tribe Called Red perform in the Yukon and they were amazing!

Go get their free album, and educate yourself about TRUE Canadian/American history.

Click here for the album!!: A Tribe Called Red