Art-WOW at the Mad Market

Hey look! There’s a pic of me eating a shoe.

I had so much fun at the Mad Market! There were so many great people there. I really hope I get to attend next years :}

Mad Pride Toronto 2015

The Mad Market offered art for everyone: cool and crazy. We shared ideas, inspirations and images. Artists used every media – paint, plant, paper, peanut butter. Mad art covered every topic – cartoons to psychosis to cupcakes. The photos below give a very rough idea of the incredible range of mad artists:

Art making continued at the market!

For next year, look forward to much more publicity and many more vendors!

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March Against Monsanto – Toronto

No time to make a sign. No time to be a bee!  MAMTO-SIGN

But I still marched. I made a difference. One voice among thousands. We shouted


We let our city know what we want:


& when we wanted it


— — — — — — — —

It was my first time going to MAMTO, yet it felt so natural to me.

All morning I stared at my breakfast, mulling over my food choices. Where they organic? No.  Where did they come from? I don’t even want to think about it.
How many GMOs are snuck into the food I eat everyday?

I’ll admit it, I know about all the awful pesticides killing our lovely pollinators.
I try to buy local, farm-friendly and organic when I can, but I am unemployed and trying to get to university.
It’s hard to vote with your money when you don’t have any!

— – — — –

Attending events like March Against Monsanto, going to local farmers markets and supporting programs such as Food Share, FarmTOFork, or the Toronto GMO Coalition can still make a difference — even if you can’t afford to buy 100% organic and fair trade products.

Volunteering is a free way to show your support.
*PRO TIP* sometimes you get free stuff!

At the end of the march, I got to hear a few bands play in Christie Pits along with many speakers. I wish I remembered their names. These are real people making change!  Some sacrificed their jobs standing up for what they believe in.
It blew me away that one girl (16) started advocating for labeling GMOs when she was just 11 years old!
If she can do it, we all can.

Step up and fight for a world we are proud to be a part of.

♥ A.R.T.T.  xx

Cuttin’ up in a Storm!

It’s been raining for most of the summer here in Dawson.
Every Friday night I stay up till the wee hours of the night getting ready for Saturday @
the Art Market.

Here are some of the shirts I’ve been making!

The halter top doubles as a choker! I just sold this shirt today...   [I was secretly hoping I could keep it]

This halter top doubles as a choker!
I had this hanging around my booth for a few weeks, but I just sold this shirt today…
[I was secretly hoping I could keep it]

I kept this shirt instead. word.

I kept this shirt instead.




The back of a DISTURBED band shirt. It’s the face of their mascot.

There are more shirts, but I’d like to find different models.

When Unicorns ATTACK!

A Woman is trying to collect unicorns from around the world. I sent her one.


All Day Every Day