“In every deliberation, we must consider the impacts on the Seventh Generation to come.”

—the Great Law of Peace of the Haudenosaunee (Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy)


Think about how your decisions will affect your great, great, great, great, great,

Are we doing the right things, right now?

Is there anything we can do to teach the next generation through our own actions?

How do you think your lifestyle with effect your seventh generation??




Most people think ‘anarchy’ is another word for chaos and destruction, a belief fostered by almost all dictionaries and political commentators. But in fact, anarchy simply means taking responsibility for one’s own actions.”

-Alan Grant, Batman: Anarky (1998)




“The best way to manage waste is to
not produce it at all”

Keeping Our Earth Green by Nancy F. Castaldolandfill_gas_conversion2

It is impossible to absolutely stop producing garbage/waste.
But you can become aware of how much waste enter our landfills each year. 

Many things can be done to reduce the amount of waste you contribute:
Make art! Recycle! Donate unwanted items!
Look for objects that use minimal packaging! Think twice before upgrading your electronics!
Buy re-usable products like bags, water bottles, cutlery and feminine products!

Get creative.  Inspire others. Live for today and tomorrow.

“Do all our thoughts have squatter’s rights?
And can we overthrow them?
Yes, always yes.”

Claire Haugh


DIY Industrial Christmas Ornament

Good idea!
Now instead of using fresh wood for the rings, why not experiment with rubber washers, vinyls, CDs, plastic, salveged leather, (painted) corrugated cardboard, gears or other disc-shaped objects?

And for the bolts/nuts? What about pony/wooden/glass beads, pop bottle lids, pieces of cork, Barbie heads, the erasers on the ends of pencils, dried plant seeds or anything, really! (more…)

Kill my Bored.

Killmybored '14 (more…)