Toronto’s water is getting WA$TED

On antibiotics and chemical cleaning solutions leaking into our sewage (and drinking) water.
Awful? Totally.

What’s more awful is that the majority of it is coming from law-breaking companies that rely on OUR TAX MONEY to clean up their mess. This city must be drinking some hardcore, homemade brew-skis if they are not realizing all of this lost revenue.  Our TTC fare was raised by the lovely mayor so that “we could get some real progress on the joke we call ‘transit” but what I don’t understand is why they are ignoring the big boys and girls sleeping in the bathtub.

There is so much money to be made from taxing big-companies (and not us) on carbon emi$$ions and the amount of water pollutants they are allowed to put into our sewage systems. The people who are paying to clean the city’s icky water is… you guessed it. US!

“Right now, local businesses and residents are secretly paying an extra fee on their water utility bill to cover $1.6 Million in clean up costs for Toronto’s biggest water polluters. ” – TEA, Polluters Should Pay 2015.

TEA (Toronto Environmental Alliance) started a petition to get City of Toronto to start charging polluters directly.
It’s unfair that individuals are left footing the bill for these big companies. We have to stand up for ourselves!
With the internet, it is so much easier to click a button and “sign” a petition than it was before. Let’s do it! It takes 3 seconds.
City of Toronto is making these decisions on March 10th so if you agree with this petition, send it to your friends and family. Time flies getting wasted. I know, you don’t want to be left cleaning up another guy’s mess.

Sign the petition: CASH THIS $1.6 MILLION DOLLAR CHEQUE!

Read more from Toronto Environmental Alliance about why Polluters Should Pay



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