Resource Extraction and it’s impact on peoples’ health |

Is resource extraction/mining negatively affecting human health?

How do the things we do today in the environment and the economy impact peoples’ health? What about patriarchy and the impacts it has on women? Colonialism and Indigenous communities?


In this podcast, Dr. Baj Mukhopadhyay talks about the Canadian chapter of the global People’s Health Movement and answers some of these important questions.

Source: Extractivism, colonialism, and building a health justice movement in Canada |


I saw A Tribe Called Red perform in the Yukon and they were amazing!

Go get their free album, and educate yourself about TRUE Canadian/American history.

Click here for the album!!: A Tribe Called Red

TOMORROW: Orange Shirt Day -Honoring Residential School Survivors

Don’t forget to wear an orange shirt tomorrow!

(or anything orange)

Source: Orange Shirt Day -Honoring Residential School Survivors


Brain Music

Since I’m in school, I feel like I might as well share what makes studying much more pleasant for me.

Brigitte Engerer does an incredible job with this piece… paired with the smell of rain blowing through my window and the occasional bird’s song, I couldn’t feel happier.

Chopin – Complete Nocturnes

What is going on in Syria and why? Read this comic!

There’s a part of the story you might not have known. These are the implications of Climate Change.

Source: Trying to follow what is going on in Syria and why? This comic will get you there in 5 minutes.