This Agenda’s new life – 32


Look through the IUCN Red List ( to discover the status of species you find interesting.

New Zealand Sea Lions – Endangered

Striated Bush Frog – Endangered

Chain Moray – Least Concern

Franklin Tree – Extinct in the Wild


What’s going on? Agenda Resurrected!
Wanna read more Go Green?

People make the Earth Shake

Can Humans Start an Earthquake?

Drilling, flooding, building. There are so many ways to shake things up!

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Stuff You Should Know is a little heavy on the ads for my liking, but I usually just skip ahead.
They are well-sourced and really informative.
I thought this was an interesting and important podcast to listen to and learn about.

Check it out!

Reading List: June 2015

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» June 27

Thrifty Gardening From the Ground Up by Marjorie Harris
Being cheap (& environmentally friendly) in your garden. This book is full of great info from large-scale gardens to balcony gardens. I learned a lot about propagation, watering, soil conditioning, composting, seed exchanges and DIY container gardening/design.

If you’re into gardening or being thrifty check out this book. Mine is now full of bookmarks to remind me of cool stuff I learned. I like how she had other people writing about different topics to give different perspectives.

She is also from Toronto! So this information is especially relevant if you live in the area.

*there is a free, fairly detailed preview available if you search for the e-book.




2015 Year at a Glance [Gemini] -Erasure poem-

Gem shapes, word acrobat—you intrigue dreams.

You are brilliant.
Go viral!

A wise ape has bling.

You want more intimate challenges?
Invite a sand mite.

Some will not realize the relationship you encountered gives them fertile times and more fruit.
In the 2nd half of the year, find some time to visit a round, silly herd of lint balls.



Now arriving @ Procrastination Station

The 100in1day Swap/Drop was such a success that I had requests for another to happen soon, so keep your eyes peeled!
I spoke with so many great people and learned about things like Irwin Allen’s films, perspectives on globalized labor markets and how to make your own scavenger hunt with painted pine cones. It was a special day and I’m so thankful to the volunteers (Phoebe, Quentin, Reuben, Cassaundra) who helped make it happen.

Join the Facebook Group if you’d like to stay updated/volunteer: Swap/Drop






This Saturday I will be hosting an event called the SWAP/DROP where you can:

  •  donate/get free stuff
  • work on projects with some really creative people
  • play music
  • hang out and have FREE FUN.
It runs from
11:30am -7 :30ish

@ BELLEVUE PARK (southwest side)

OFFICIAL 100in1dayTO: SWAP/DROP  (more info)

Essentially I am trying to get the community together so we can think differently about consumerism and the role we play in waste management.

Buy less, share more & think differently about what trash means to YOU.

If you can, please share with your friends.

Reconciliation — Canadian History & Religion

“We are deeply grateful to gather here on unceded, unsurrendered, Algonquin territory. Although divided by political boundaries, this remains Algonquin land.
We come together in this time between truth and the hope of reconciliation, seeking wisdom and accompaniment of one another as we try to find a good way forward.
Believing in the possibilities of a reconciled future, we will not ignore the many injustices that persist and the many inequalities that continue to divide. […] ” Jennifer Henry Executive Director – KAIROS

The moment I stepped in, I could feel an immense energy radiating from the room. I couldn’t immediately understand, but change was happening before my eyes.

Aboriginal Elders spoke about the cultural genocide they experienced while attending residential schools. Issues about the living quality on reserves, unequal treatment towards native women (including 2000+ unsolved murders), environmental law infractions and the government completely disregarding all efforts made by native people to prosper in Canada.

These are some heavy subjects, but it is important to know about the dark, often disregarded part of our history. (more…)

lamunecareina-caros fluentes

Reading List: May 2015

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– Crazy how I haven’t completed many books this month. I’ve been getting ready for University and searching for jobs… –



» May 2.

Aura by Carlos Fuentes
A beautiful story translated from its original Spanish text. Themes of religion, magik, clinging to youth and the effects of blind/delirious lust are prominent. I spent a lot of time discussing this with a friend and we couldn’t agree with how the ending actually worked out…

I’d love to hear what you think if you’ve read this book!