Contamination of Country Food + MEGA DAM

I am in class learning about the current issues connected to Indigenous Enviornmental Studies and I couldn’t help myself from laughing at HEAVY METALS in our soil deposited by MEGA DAMS.
I know… I am awful.

I’ve decided someone needs to start an Eco-Metal band called MEGA DAM.
Start a band with me or steal my idea and show me what you do with it.* This is me being super-serious.


* better give me cred, yo.

My mother’s first dance with bigotry as a doctor


The other side of the story.

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While indoctrinating my 10-year-old brother last night by reading him Goblet of Fire, I received a phone call from my shaken up mom, telling me something had just happened to her that she had never experienced in her 25 years of practice as a doctor.

A patient refused to see her because she’s Muslim.

Now, I’ve told plenty of people not to see my mother due to this reason. But this was often because they are also Muslim, and as a result, I know they won’t be as open with her about their habits regarding the fun stuff: drugs, sex, and alcohol. The patient in question, however, was not a Muslim nor afraid of my mother judging them for their love of getting shitfaced or stoned out of their mind. This person was simply a bigot.

Apparently, after my mother already spent time going over their charts and preparing…

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#IAM: islamophobia awareness month 


It is awful that people need to go through this fear. Nobody deserves to be afraid to leave their homes for fear of “looking visibly Muslim”.

It is Islamophobia Awareness Month, I ask that you be considerate of your thoughts and actions. Not just this month, but always.

#IAM standing in solidarity with you.

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As I waited for the train this morning I felt disturbingly aware of my surroundings. Did that man just glare at me? Is that women charging towards me? Why do those group of kids keep looking at my direction?

I felt genuine fear. I didn’t know if I should call someone or if getting my phone out would make me more vulnerable. Islamophobia is making me paranoid.
And I know it’s not just me. A good friend has asked her mum to not go out for a few weeks. She chooses to wear the face veil and had a man attack her. Can you imagine, being trapped in your own home. I would not know how I would cope if anything happened to my mum. Heartbreaking. Another friend of mine was spat at in the street as he walked home. Imagine people who think of you as such subpar and…

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Dear Sheeple…


Found this meme on Facebook and I think it brings up a good point:
Media sensationalized the issues in France but chooses not to share with viewers what is happening in other places of the world (the Middle East), we are given a biased perspective and must use this to determine what is truth. How is it possible? Fair?
Subconsciously we adopt that bias within ourselves. Our actions and reactions to news about horrible violence create surges of negativity within communities back home.

When there is no conversation between people to contextualize the atrocities we see/hear in the media it has to come out somehow. In Peterborough, what seems to be a targeted hate crime has been committed to the town’s only Mosque. This action is full of hatred, racism and Islamophobia; enforced by the media since 9/11.

If you cannot feel empathy for other humans on this planet, there is a problem. People are losing themselves in their feelings, becoming hate machines fueled on violence and instant gratification.

Sensationalized, automatized. Open your eyes!

The violence is not because of a whole race of people, it is only a select few.

Re-frame your thoughts and question what you hear/read/see constantly.

– Question the West – 


15 Non-Sex Uses for Condoms | Mental Floss

This is great way to recycle condoms when you find some old ones laying around in your sock drawer, or you’re unsure if someone poked holes in them.

Source: 15 Non-Sex Uses for Condoms | Mental Floss

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A Bunch of Turtle GIFs


I love turtles!!!

Being in university would be nicer if I had Xena with me.

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Since our human was too lazy to take pictures of us, we decided to find some GIFs.  Here are the best in our opinion.


Why we can’t ever be police turtles

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For those of you who like Star Wars

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We are the best at escaping things…  Sort of

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I didn’t know we were so scary…  Hmm, can I scare my human?

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That one time turtles ever lose balance

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Hehe, turtles will be taking over the Internet soon.  Beware cats and dogs, your memes will be replaced by ours.  Humans will worship us next.

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-Question- the West

I know the feels.

I don’t associate myself with much mainstream media anymore because I think it is all a big distraction from the real issues at hand.

“I don’t wanna watch television
I don’t wanna listen to the radio
I don’t wanna drown in American society.”

Problem is, because I choose to entertain myself with different types of movies , radio stations or new sources I’m starting to find it really hard to communicate/relate to most people my age.

Why do you think it is so easy to get sucked into mainstream media? Why is it so believable?

I am reading Evelyn Waugh’s Scoop for English class and it is causing new discussions for what/who determines mainstream reality and ‘news’. It is interesting to reactions when people realize that most of what they know about the current situation of our world has been documented and constructed by people who have under-lying motives at hand.  Industry, Politics, Consumer-culture.

What I mean to say is, QUESTION what information you are given. Don’t be afraid to read CBC or underground news sources like Rabble to get a second or third opinion on a matter. Sometimes newspapers/musicians/filmmakers are muzzled by other powers that do not want the general public to know everything.

So question things, my friend.

& I don’t know about you, but I don’t wanna drown in [Western] society.