Reading List: March 2015

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I’m still having a Graphic Book-Binge and happily continuing my ‘new’ year this way :]
I think I’m in denial about being an adult. I am looking at universities and procrastinating by reading countless comic books, with a peppering of novels and non-fiction. Don’t worry, I am a mature and intelligent woman. Promise.


driftingclassroom12-umezu» Mar 2. 3. 6. 6. 13. 13. 13.

The Drifting Classroom Vol 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 by Kazuo Umezu.
It just gets more and more intense. Brutal monsters, mysterious mushrooms and earth becoming a desert wasteland. This was an incredible series, the bad guy got what he deserved and the school children stepped up to their destiny. It was an abrupt ending, but I think it was well-executed and the ideas are all incredibly unique for the time (1960s) Jurassic Park could very well have stolen Umezu’s idea about robotic dinosaurs, just saying… I really want to watch the Drifting Classroom movie adaptation.

»Mar 6.

Batman: Anarky written by Alan Grant.
Picked this up because I’ve never heard of Anarky. He’s basically a crazy-genius teenager who self educates and wants to change the world. I can relate to that. I can’t tell if he is a villain or a hero. He means well and cares about educating the masses… although his methods are questionable. What I really enjoyed was Grant and Norm Breyfogle’s intro into the world of Anarky, there are some good points for discussion about the role anarchism plays in society.

» Mar 7.

Woman Rebel: the Margaret Sanger Story by Peter Bagge.
A satirical biography on the life of Margaret Sanger a feminist, birth control activist, sex educator and nurse.  She stood up for abortion and helped women learn how not to get pregnant. Yay! The power of knowledge! Bagge made it hard to understand her motives and brushed on topics that could have been better detailed. I Googled her name and found a lot of controversial  information. Not sure I like this woman if what I read is truth… although it may just be a bunch of pro-life people switching her words. I have no idea. Don’t quote me on anything. I just want to know who Peter Bagge is. Why is he writing the biography of a women’s rights activist? Why did I read this entire book? Beats me x2. The biography itself is awkward and strange. It makes her seem manipulative and sneaky, yet understanding and passionate.  Meh.


» Mar 8.

Joker written by Brian Azzarello. Fresh out of Arkham Asylum, Joker takes on Johnny Johnny as his little henchman. Laughs. Blood. Insanity. Whose that guy? Oh! It’s Riddler!
I hate the digital-style art in this book all I could see was the “brush” marks and generated patterns for Croc’s skin… too many feathered brushes.

» Mar 14.

They’re Made Out of Meat by Terry Bisson. A quick read and fantastic bit of sci-fi. Guess who the meat is? I love satire and the way he does it is so simple but really thought-provoking. Bisson says enough to get his ideas across, but leaves most of the guess-work to his readers. I wish I could write like he does.  I have immense respect for Bisson, especially after reading “Thanks for your interest in my work. If you enjoyed this little piece, give a dollar to a homeless person.” posted at the bottom of his short story.  Read it here.

» Mar 18.

Red Alert zine by Concordia QPIRG, a group of Québécois
Essentially a vagina manual. This zine even says “keep this in your back pocket and whip it out when any of your girrlfriends have a questions/complaint about their bodies.” They glorified femstruation and blood through poetry, drawings and really cool stickers!
I wish I could have put the I ♥ DIRTY SLUTS sticker on my sketch book, but I read this in a library. I read pages about PMS and how it affects different girls. We commiserated. I never had PMS put into perspective this way. Red Alert taught me how to do my own breast-exams, explained the dangers of commercial feminine hygiene products and even had a fold-out pattern for DIY re-usable pads. Truly a work of art.

Garbage-DonnaLatham» Mar 18.

Garbage: Investigate What Happens When You Throw It Out  by Donna Latham. This is directed at kids, but there are interesting things for people of any age to learn in this book. I’m going to share some of the highlights in the blog’s future. Examples? There is this project where you stick double-sided tape to a tube and “capture dirty air. What accumulates over 2 weeks is gross. I really want to try doing it to see what floats around in the air at my house. Also, DID YOU KNOW WE LEFT A BUNCH OF TRASH WHEN WE FIRST GOT TO THE MOON????

*UPDATE* Skin Deep App Review

I thought I had “discovered something fantastic for Apple & Android Phones” that was an easy tool to help people make good decisions when it comes to purchasing personal care products.Skindeep-logo
Skin Deep® boasts that “EWG’s Cosmetic Database is the world’s largest safety reference tool for personal-care products.
If this is true, there must not be many databases out there.

With a database of over 74,000 personal care products, 2,500 brands and 9,000 ingredients I would think that about 70% of the products I had in my bathroom were on the database. How wrong I was. (more…)


2015 Year at a Glance [Aries] -Erasure poem-

Through identities, electrical storm — crusading around you, startled.

Pursue love, be playful, expressive.

For success: resistance from authorities increases determination or fury.
Sweat out oppressive people.
Master the increased electricity arcing through you.

Catalytic enthusiasm.


Biopower in Kenyan School -Teenage Smarty Pants.

Talk about reducing your ecological footprint & recycling!
17-year-old high school senior, Leroy Mwasaru, and four of his friends found a way for everything we naturally produce to be converted into biopower. So cool.

The friends are proposing to build a Human Waste Bioreactor [HWB] that collects the waste from all 720 students living in the dorm, organic waste from the kitchens, cow dung, grass clippings, etc.  This will help their community by improving water quality, reducing school’s costs, having self-sustainable power sources and respecting their environment.

Grist explains that the HWB is “an underground chamber [which] holds the human, animal, and kitchen excrement, while microorganisms go to work breaking down the muck. The process releases biogas, a source of renewable energy comprised mostly of methane, the same as the fossil fuel natural gas that powers most non-electric stoves in the U.S. The gas is contained in the HWB, ready to use as fuel.”

Kenyan Teenager Ingeniously Coverts School’s Feces into Clean, Safe Energy – NationofChange

Feeling bad? Get yourself fancy pads!

I found Red Alert, a feminist zine at the Toronto Reference It was made and produced in the 90s by Concordia QPIRG, a group of Québécois grrrls. They want to take ‘men’ out of menstruation and called it FEMSTRUATION! Why is it called menstruation anyways!?!?
These girls essentially wrote a vagina manual. They glorified PMS, taught me how to do my own breast-exams, explained the dangers of commercial feminine hygiene products and even had a fold-out pattern for DIY re-usable pads… plus lots more.

Red Alert helped me decide to take the risk and get my hands dirty ;]
I’M GOING ALL THE WAY, LADIES!  I’m not ashamed of my lady parts.
♥  I l-o-v-e them ♥
+ Life’s boring without a bit of blood. So I bought myself re-usable pads. (more…)


Spring Equinox! (Let’s fall in love)

It is spring equinox!  There is also a full Solar Eclipse today.

Happy happy, beautiful spring :]

Take a walk outside, smell the earth and the rain. Can you hear birds?
Let the sun warm your face and see if you can see it’s color through your eyelids…

A new season of life, love, and rebirth!

I wish people in Canada could see the Solar Eclipse, but only Norway and the Faroe Islands will be lucky enough for this one.
If you’re in Europe, northern and eastern Asia or northern and western Africa, you’ll be able to spot a partial Eclipse –lucky!


Symbolism & your Subconscious.

Have you ever asked yourself what you symbolize?
What symbols empower you?
How can you use symbols to empower the people around you?

I often wonder how symbolism affects the subconscious mind.

Those questions do not have a correct answer, but asking the questions are important. We live in a time where we are forced to look at symbols everyday. I did not ask to see the “golden arches” or the famous Apple. These symbols are here everyday, forcing themselves into my (sub)consciousness.

Considering the importance of symbols and meaning making can teach you a lot about yourself and our history as humans. Some symbols that have been carried through history and are now so common in our society that few of us are able to recall their historical/spiritual roots.

This video shares some of the meanings behind universal symbols:

I watched 13 Ancient Symbols to Change Your Life and thought you may be interested.
Some food for your thoughts. Nourishment in the form of knowledge.

I really enjoyed Animus’ question:
What symbol(s) empower you?!? How are you affected by them?

— My symbol has always been a spiral; fun to draw, never-ending, never-beginning.
A spiral just is.
Funny. 8 is my lucky number. My names are all 8 letters long. 888 is three times infinity. Knowing my numbers and my favorite shape represent such a powerful idea allows me to feel absolutely full of possibilities. It helps give me the strength to live in the moment, never give up and to always strive to make a change in the things I believe in.
When I see my spiral tattoos, I think of life, rebirth and death.
I also am reminded to live. My possibilities are endless and my only job
is to make it happen.

What do you think about symbols?

2015 Year at a Glance [Pisces] -Erasure poem-

Increase blissful moments.
Expanding your consciousness when living in a world.

Increase artistic devotion and refuge.
Mind altering substances profoundly impact your system.

Unusual niches will use your resources and capitalize upon what makes you unique.
Unusual you.

Watch for foreigners.


Where does -IT- go in Ontario?

If you’re curious about how to properly dispose of broken record players, CDs, old phones, laptops, cameras and other electronic waste (e-waste) check this out:  Where does it go? –

Just type in your postal code and you’ll see lots of places & events that will properly dispose of e-waste! Some may arrange to pick it up from you, but there might be a small fee.

If you want some other incentives, donate to reBOOT, a registered charity.
$$$ You’ll receive a tax receipt $$$
Plus, you’ll be helping kids/adults who are in need of a computer.

***It’s important to properly dispose of e-waste because the materials used to make the technology are still valuable –even if the electronic is no longer working. ***

Why put lives in danger mining for a material we already have a lot of?  I don’t want that stuff being wasted in landfills! I especially wouldn’t want it leaching into the ground or accidentally finding itself in animals’ bellies :[


“Most of the parts – steel, glass, copper, aluminum, plastics and precious metals – can be recovered and made into new products. Also, lots of electronic equipment like computers, printers, and televisions can be reused, further cutting down on waste.” – Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES)

Want to know more about what’s inside your electronics + how good it feels to reuse?
Read: SO OLD THERE’S NO WEBCAM –Environmentally Friendly Computing at its Finest.


Fracking our lives away.

Gasland 2 is the sequel to an American documentary that focuses on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and what happens to regular people because of the gas industries we support everyday. If you drive a car, heat your home, own a cellphone OR eat food that doesn’t come from your backyard WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY.

Do you know there are places in America that don’t have any clean water because of fracking?
Kids who can’t swim or play in ponds near their home because of the chemicals irresponsibly released into their water supply?

Dimock, Pennsylvania’s water is flammable because of improper disposal of waste water from drilling. There is gasoline and methane in their drinking water!

Flaming hoses… in Texas, too!

Fracking in the neighborhood doesn’t just manifest itself in water. Chemicals blowing in the wind can cause health problems (more…)