BlabberSamm and the Bricolage of D00M or, how I try to figure myself out [a self portrait]

Recently, I’ve been all over the map & I like it that way.
I am juxtaposed
up your nose.

Hugging trees and horror stories.
Fill my brain with picture books and current affairs while
synonymously blasting traditional folk art and Chopin with punk fuckers,
banging skulls, grrrl power
& powwows in the morning [when 138.9 Kms is nil and I’m drooling on you]

Attempting to stay updated and disconnected with the world.
Connecting with myself, staying true
to my loves
and hates.

I felt out of touch living among large hills and the turf war fox.
Trees shaded me from the world down here they got me high on the big (O)
-what can only be described as ecstasy.

Fragility of life stares me in the face now…
I walk outside to a hospital and a funeral home.
Thanks to new development, the former shields me from the Goddess Moon.
Soaking up her cool, luminous silver no longer happens at my windowsill.
I must wait for her outside.
She appears to me in the strangest of places.

I’m a KOIDGAFTC  (knowledgableopinionatedIdontgiveafuckthatcares)
I ‘C’ too much and too little.
I love (H2  AND O) plants animals trees most of the time, people too!
I make A.R.T.T [?]
Am afraid of making useless things.
Afraid of wasting something that took so much effort to exist.

Be Consciously appreciative of the things I have.
Privileged me. I’m trying. So hard.

Re-framing my own philosophies, I am in a constant state of what I consider existential crisis.
I realize one thing. My perception of reality changes.
Sending everything I [thought] I knew into questioning.
maybe this is the way it should be

I have no idea who I will be tomorrow or how I portray myself today. I’m too focused on right now.
What I do know is that right now there is a lot of stuff going on and I need to catch up so I can once more re-frame
my goals and ambitions.

Follow me on my journey or don’t.
do enjoy sharing my discoveries.

& I know what is at my center! -ish

I am not one thing. I am a Bricolage of D00M.
OBVIOUSLY the best kind.
undefinable. fierce. I don’t give a fuck that cares. Sammmart too!

I am here&now.
Where art, earth and D00Mness collide.


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